Which statement best describes slumping a mass wasting process? (2024)

Which statement best describes slumping a mass wasting process?

What is mass wasting? Downhill movement of masses of bedrock, rock debris or soil, driven by the pull of gravity.

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What is mass wasting best described as quizlet?

What is mass wasting? Downhill movement of masses of bedrock, rock debris or soil, driven by the pull of gravity.

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Which of the following factors affect mass wasting?

A variety of factors can cause mass wasting. These factors include increased water, increased slope steepness, vegetation removal, and earthquakes.

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Which of the following best describes a mass wasting fall event?

which of the following best describes a mass wasting event referred to as a "fall"? material tumbling through air or down a steep slope.

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Which of the following best describes a mass wasting event referred to as a fall quizlet?

Which of the following best describes a mass wasting event referred to as a fall? material tumbling through air or down a steep slope.

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What is the mass wasting process known as?

The down-slope movement of material, whether it be bedrock, regolith, or a mixture of these, is commonly referred to as a landslide.

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What is the cause of mass wasting?

Mass-wasting events are triggered by changes that oversteepen slope angles and weaken slope stability, such as rapid snow melt, intense rainfall, earthquake shaking, volcanic eruption, storm waves, stream erosion, and human activities. Excessive precipitation is the most common trigger.

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What are two factors of mass wasting?

7.4: Factors that Influence Mass Wasting
  • Composition of Slope Material.
  • Weight and Friction of Slope.
  • Regional Climate Conditions.
  • Water Content within Slopes.
  • Gravity.
Sep 3, 2022

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What are the four main factors for mass wasting?

Mass wasting is the downhill movement of Earth materials under the pull of gravity. Mass wasting is influenced by slope, material strength, water content, and amount of vegetation. Mass wasting can be triggered by storms, earthquakes, eruptions, and human activity.

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What are 4 effects of mass wasting?

Mass movements affect the following elements of the environment: (1) the topography of the earth's surface, particularly the morphologies of mountain and valley systems, both on the continents and on the ocean floors; (2) the character/quality of rivers and streams and groundwater flow; (3) the forests that cover much ...

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Which type of mass wasting event is a slump?

Slump is a type of slide (movement as a mass) that takes place within thick unconsolidated deposits (typically thicker than 10 m). Slumps involve movement along one or more curved failure surfaces, with downward motion near the top and outward motion toward the bottom (Figure 15.14).

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What is the material that falls down a slope during a mass wasting event called?

A landslide is defined as the movement of a mass of rock, debris, or earth down a slope. Landslides are a type of "mass wasting," which denotes any down-slope movement of soil and rock under the direct influence of gravity.

Which statement best describes slumping a mass wasting process? (2024)

Which of the following is not considered a mass wasting event?

Examples of mass wasting include debris flow, rock slides, landslides, avalanches, and slumps. However, transpiration is the loss of excess water in plants through the stomata.

Which of the following is responsible for most types of mass wasting quizlet?

The most common triggering mechanism for mass wasting is: vibrations due to earthquakes and a sudden influx of excessive water. The rate of chemical weathering can be affected by mechanical weathering.

Which of the following is the most likely trigger of a mass wasting event?

Increased water content within the slope is the most common mass-wasting trigger. Water content can increase due to rapidly melting snow or ice or an intense rain event.

What occurs during a slump?

A slump is a form of mass wasting that occurs when a coherent mass of loosely consolidated materials or a rock layer moves a short distance down a slope. Movement is characterized by sliding along a concave-upward or planar surface.

Where does mass wasting occur?

Areas with steep topography and rapid rainfall, such as the California coast, Rocky Mountain Region, and Pacific Northwest, are particularly susceptible to hazardous mass-wasting events. Mass wasting occurs when a slope fails. A slope fails when it is too steep and unstable for existing materials and conditions.

What is the conclusion of mass wasting?

Conclusion #1: On Earth, the mass of the rock is the only variable we need to address when discussing mass wasting. The amount of gravitational force acting on any mass of rock at Earth's surface is essentially the same. Conclusion #2: Mass wasting is more energetic as the rock mass increases.

What is a mass movement quizlet?

What is Mass Movement? Mass movement is the movement of earth materials called regoilth down a slope under the influence of gravity.

What are three effects of mass wasting?

Effects of mass wasting are; Leads to formation of scars which may leave the land exposed to agents of erosion. May lead to soil erosion leaving the land bare and infertile. May lead to formation of new landforms e.g depressions which may be filled with water to form lakes.

What are 5 causes of mass wasting?

Causes of Mass Wasting or Mass Movement
  • Volcanic activity. Volcanic eruptions many times causes huge mudflows. ...
  • Landslides. When masses of rock, earth, or debris move down a slope there is landslide. ...
  • Mudslide. ...
  • Weathering and erosion. ...
  • Ice wedging. ...
  • Other causes. ...
  • Rock falls and rockslides. ...
  • Debris flows.

What is unique about mass wasting?

Mass wasting, also known as mass movement, is a general term for the movement of rock or soil down slopes under the force of gravity. It differs from other processes of erosion in that the debris transported by mass wasting is not entrained in a moving medium, such as water, wind, or ice.

What are the 3 types of mass movement?

Types of mass movements
  • Rockfall. Bits of rock fall off the cliff face, usually due to freeze-thaw weathering.
  • Mudflow. Saturated soil (soil filled with water) flows down a slope.
  • Landslide. Large blocks of rock slide downhill.
  • Rotational slip. Saturated soil slump down a curved surface.

What are the threat of mass wasting?

It is ubiquitous but tends to be most effective in mountainous areas, and plays a considerable role in the geomorphic evolution of a landscape. Depending on the nature of the mass wasting process, it can also present a significant hazard in the form of landslides, slope failures, and avalanches.

What is the most common form of mass wasting?

The most common types of mass wasting are slumps, rockslides, debris flows, and earthflow. Slumps are slow and short-distance downslope movements of semi-consolidated earth material on a curved or planar sliding surface.


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